Making Investment Decisions Based on Calculated Risk

This is a topic I could talk about for days! After you’ve worked through our previous steps for building your life by design, it’s time to start making decisions about how you will invest...
Making Investment Decisions

15 Ways to Create Additional Income With Real Estate From Expert Christin Kingsbury

Many of us share the same concerns about our finances, increasing expenses, and having enough money for our future.

Finding Your Why and Uncovering Your Passion

I’d like to start by talking about wealth. When we think about wealth, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the more typical representations of wealth: money, possessions, stuff. Now...

Emotional Intelligence

as it relates to wealth building.

Studies show that it plays a huge role in building one's personal and financial success. A study showed a group of people from age 1 to 30 and found that EQ was the single biggest predictor of monetary success. EQ is something that can be shaped through habits. The worlds greatest leaders have these traits in common...