Course curriculum

  • 1

    Build Your Assets & Life by Design

    • 1. Life By Design- Getting Clear On Your WHY!

    • 2. Your Past Is Irrelevant- Resetting Your Mindset and Limiting Beliefs

    • 3. Learning Is Earning- Where Are You Now and What Do You Need To Learn? Be-Do-Have

    • 4. You Are The Average Of Your Tribe- Relationships and Character Matter!

    • 5. Start With The End End Mind- Reverse Engineer The Plan and Chunk It Down

    • 6. Your Habits Determine Your Future- Adjust Your Habits and Add Accountability

    • 7. Control The Clock- Time Block Priorities, Learn To Say No!

    • 8. Leave Opportunity On The Table-Make A Decision Based On Calculated Risk

    • 9. Buckets Of WealthTo Do It Again- Repeat the Model